Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/11/Letters to the Editor]

March 11 2002

An impression on Yemen
I took the liberty of visiting Yemen for a three-week holiday but ended up staying for six months. I must say this, I have thoroughly loved this beautiful country, with its natural land and architecture, and I intend to keep coming every year, just try and stop me.
The People of Yemen are kind, lovely and always helpful, which is Yemens custom, may it continue.
However, an observation: It would be nice if the authority concerned of a particular location/ governance have respect for people and treat itself as part of the people, not act against the people.
What I mean is, that when a visitor like me has problems / inquiries, it would be nice if the authority treat me like a human being rather than putting me through an integration process of whom am I, what am I doing in Yemen, what is the purpose of my stay, and how long do I intend to stay ? All these questions have come from the authority because I had a problem with my stay in a flat and came to some minor disagreement with the renter.
Also, the way foreigners like me get treated in the airport on arrival to Yemen, is unbelievable.
My request to YT is to push for articles to help foreigners to be welcomed in Yemen, because once a foreign tourist taste the delights of Yemen, you won’t stop them. Keep us informed of progress Yemen Times, you are the best.
Roger Stranger
[email protected]
Good work Hassan Al-Haifi!
I want to compliment Mr. Hassan Al- Haifi on his articles. He seems to have good, honest-to-goodness and straight forward views. He is not radical, anti or pro-west but rather objective, “level headed” you might say.
I say that because I have read articles by other writers of the Yemen Times staff, and other papers. They seem passionate about their views, yet, their views are one-sided and radical. They give no credit to the other side, therefore loosing credibility for their arguments.
On the other hand, I want to say that I gave a suggestion to your newspaper to publish more photos from the Yemeni scene on your website. You seemed to acknowledge the suggestion but I have not seen any action.
Farouk Al Samawi
[email protected]
Dear Farouk,
Hassan Al-Haifi has heard your comments and thanks you for them. Regarding photos, we did increase the number of photos in our hard copy edition of the paper. But for the website, there are technical limitations that prevent us from adding pictures as they consume a lot of space that we need to pay for. However, you know that reading the website is for free. But if you do wish to get the hard copy, you can subscribe by filling the form at