Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/17/Letters to the Editor]

April 22 2002

Arab leaders need to do better
I like to ask, why are all Arabs watching as their Palestinian civilian brothers are killed by the hundreds by the Israeli troops in total madness? It seems that the Arab leaders care only about their own businesses and interests and never care about other Arabs. But this is not fair at all. If Arabs think they can’t stop Israeli aggression, then who on earth will be able to stop them?
Mohamed Abdulkarim
Good editorial!
I would just like to say that the letter to the Americans is a very good message that should hit any educated American hard. I would also like to thank you for producing the Yemen Times. As a Yemeni in the West it is great to read the latest news. May Allah put more blessing on your paper so that you continue to highlight the truth of current events that effect Muslims and Arabs.
F. Faisal
[email protected]
What is the truth?
I read with interest your opinion piece about “The American Way”. First, I struggle to find the truth by reading every article, news release, etc from around the world on the situation with Palestine/Israel. It seems both sides are committing atrocities. Each day the news is filled with how many are being killed from each side. After some time it is mind-numbing, and almost impossible to comprehend that people live in such a world. I saw a special on television here where children form both sides attended a camp in the US for a summer. They became great friends, while they were here. Once they got back home and were interviewed a few years later, the hate and intolerance had returned. I challenge any of you to find one side ‘right’ or one side ‘wrong’. It appears that both sides are a little bit of both, but, the hatred is so deep and crosses many generations. I see no room for peace until new leadership is in place, and the mindset of the area is changed. Is the fighting over religion? Over land? I cannot understand. It is all about killing one another and having no tolerance. As an American, I do not always understand the choices of our government, but must think that all intentions are for the better. Should Israel not be permitted to have a separate state? If not, what will the Palestinians do with them? And vice versa. I see no end to the violence in sight.
G.L .Johnson
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Why not open eyes of Americans?
I just finished reading your article of the American Way. Let me tell you that what the US government does is not a reflection of all the American people. Just as in the protests in the Middle East are taking place, we who believe that what the USA is doing is wrong are protesting here also. I do agree with your article for the most part however, there are some things in life that happen that we can’t control. As an American, I love my country and my freedo. But being married to a Yemeni, I also understand the other side of things that not many people do. My suggestion to you would be to send a copy of your article to American newspapers and/or magazines and help to open the eyes of the rest of America.
Michelle A.
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Dear Editor,
This is the second letter to YT. My reason of writing is actually a reaction to what we watch and listen from the news about Palestine.
When I turn on the TV to watch the news, the first thing I watch is innocent children being shot, women suffering, buildings being destroyed by Israeli missiles and trees uprooted by bulldozers.
I am paralyzed by scenes of carnage, and the brutality of the Jews. Since I am one of a billion Muslims in the world, I realize it is my duty towards my brothers in Palestine to support them. I have no other way, but to write to YT because there is no any other way I can support them.
I think the vast majority of Muslims have mutual feeling with me. I dont blame Muslim nations, but I blame the leaders. They watch Palestinians tortured and dont do anything other than denounce it and urge the peace process sponsors.
I am afraid, tomorrow will be much more bloody than today. It is the first time in my life I feel so angry with the Arab leaders, and at the same time I always pray for the victims.
I call upon leaders who are seduced by so called peace process with Israeli to ask themselves whats the profit from the peace process? Its indisputable that the answer will be there is no profit. I appeal to them to reconsider their relations with Israel. Its a handicap for developing respect between our countries.
Im also appealing to Muslims in the world. Please support your brother, morally and financially.
I have also a word for the Israelis. They all must know that the Palestinian resistance to occupation and martyr operations will continue until the return the Muslim land.
Finally I say to the heroes in Palestine dont be afraid to die. Struggle until the last stone and the last drop of blood. We are beside and with you.
Saeed Omer Albatati
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