Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/39/Letters to the Editor]

September 23 2002

Proud to be an American
Why do other countries hate us? The problem is that the rest of the world in envious of Americans. It is our way of life why we are (Americans) the most powerful, technological country in the world.
Why is it that 80% of Arab people are illiterate? Because your governments don’t invest in their own people like education, healthcare, etc…
There are both rich or poor people in Arab countries and nothing in between.
I would probably hate America too if I had to live like most Arabs do. But blame your own countries government and maybe tell the Arab world they should be spending more time in schools getting education rather than in mosques where most appear to be breeding grounds for hate.
Robert Parisi
[email protected]
US also supports free Palestine
Your editorials that are critical of the US are certainly your right to print. But you are wrong of course, especially regarding the support of the US for Israel. You ignore the US support of a free Palestinian state and of course you blame the US for providing support to Israel while you neglect to identify your level of support for Palestine, except in broad propaganda. The USA is the most compassionate, charitable, kind and courteous nation ever. You are gravely mistaken to think that the lesson we learned from 9/11 is one of reforming our views of the Islamic extremists. The ones of “hide behind the mask” terrorism will be hunted down and brought to justice, wherever they are.
They deserve your wrath, your moral outrage, your editorial and moral disgust instead of blaming the US.
Wesley Smith
[email protected]
Why blame the US for everything?
It is easy to blame the US for everything and hard for countries and individuals to solve their own problems. Why blame the US for fanatic, crazy, Islamic fundamentalists who kill innocent people? Who helped the Bosnian Muslims and got Kuwaitis their country back?
When Muslims and Arabs stop blaming others and take responsibility for themselves in a non-violent manner, they will always have political problems in their countries. Will they ever learn to stop looking elsewhere for their problems? It is time for Arabs and Muslims they take a closer look at themselves.
Raul NJ
[email protected]
Numerous Americans are against Bush’s policy
I would like to say comment about your editorial that came in issue (38) concerning American policy. I could not agree more with your views as they are very close to mine.
I am glad to tell you that there are numerous Americans who are unhappy with the Bush administrations.
Tim Kissinger
[email protected]
Your bankrupt philosophy
You have the nerve to write this kind of trash on the anniversary of the death of almost 3,000 innocents. Why don’t you just write an article on how wonderful Osama is and the virtue of killing innocent people? Your theory that the United States is the cause of all the world’s problems is mere junk. You blame us not only for what we do but for what we do not do. We can’t win either way in your eyes so guess what we have stopped trying. Hard line Muslims claim that we are the evil infidel. You can come to our country and build the biggest mosque in the world if you want to but if I come to your country with a Bible than you put me in jail. This is why we are right and you are wrong. We are on the side of freedom and you are not. Your philosophy is bankrupt and your holy war is doomed to failure.
Arnie Raj
[email protected]
Americans understand the hatred
I have just read a very interesting editorial about Americans learning their lesson. I found it disturbing to say the least. I am an American and I feel that the American people are largely misunderstood. It is true that our government is a super power. However, 90 percent of American citizens do not agree with our government’s policies either domestically or foreign. We never wanted our troops in Somalia. We don’t want our troops in Saudi Arabia. We don’t want our troops policing the world. We don’t want to attack Iraq, instead, we wish our government would work with other nations and respect them more.
The American people understand the hatred, our government does not. I liked the editorial. However, semantics are very important.
Al Edwards
[email protected]
We promise we will put out the fire
When you say there is smoke in the 9-11 attacks and America needs to find the fire, I say we will and are. As we find the fire we will send our special forces and cruise missiles and entire fleets and battalions and whatever else might be needed to put it out. I and the rest of America promises!
Rivers Smith
[email protected]
What do Yemenis think of the USA?
I found the editorial on ‘question of US policy” very interesting. I am always curious of individuals’ opinion regarding world issues. I do wonder how most people in your country feel about American’s in general. I agree that people get the government that they deserve, meaning that they get what they want to the extent that they are willing to be involved and take responsibility.
I would like the readers of Yemen Times to answer my questions as I am just curious what most Yemenis think about American people and our structure of government.
What suggestions do they have for people to take responsibility for world issues, specifically the ones that affect many parts of the world?
I hope I am making sense. I just want to get more perspectives from people around the world. If any of you, YT readers, have the time to write back your objective answers, rather than passionate opinions, I will be delighted.
David Young
[email protected]
American disgusted with some US policies
You made extremely good and valid comments re the mistakes and bad attitudes of some Americans who are blind to see the Americans faults. I am 84 and I am disgusted at times with our policies and our attitude that we govern the world and I am afraid we will get our comeuppance if we invade Iraq without the support of the UN.
Grace S.
[email protected]
UK also applies double standards
The Bush administration’s case that Iraq should comply with existing UN Security Council resolutions would have far more worldwide credibility if they applied it to all UN defying countries, including Israel, who of course continues to ignore the UN, with the full support of Bush and Blair. It is double standards yet again.
Astonishingly, most Americans still fail to understand why their government policies are hated by millions of ordinary people in the Middle East!
I am sadly not very proud to be British right now.
Peter Llewellyn
[email protected]
There is no legitimate reason
People in America are not asking “why did this happen?” Just like a wife who gets beat by her husband does not say “why does he hit me?”, America will not seek or accept excuses for those who senselessly attack us. There is no legitimate reason “why”, so we will not seek one. The excuses of those who hate are irrelevant.
Joshua Allen
[email protected]