Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/42/Letters to the Editor]

October 14 2002

Hodeidah’s electricity problems
Thank goodness for science. It has provided us with many inventions, like electricity.
Electricity plays a main role in bringing our lives into modern civilization. It’s now part and parcel of our lives. It is not impossible to live without electricity but it is very necessary to have.
In Hodeidah people need electricity as much as they do food. They consume more electricity than any other governorate. It is a very hot city. Temperatures reach 40 degrees, so people need to use their air conditioners constantly. They spend as much for paying electricity bills than food.
While we enjoy cool air for relaxing and sleeping, we are boiling with indignation because of how much we pay each month. Imagine if you live in ground floors like the majority of people in Hodeidah with 40-degree heat? Suddenly the electrical current disconnects. What do you feel?
If elders and youths can endure it, children can’t. The current always disconnect for two hours daily, sometimes five hours . Hodeidah people are facing a big problem. We need a discount in electrical prices.
Thank you very much our president Mr Ali Abdullah Saleh for reducing telephone bills. I think it is very worthwhile also now, Mr. President, to decrease electrical bill prices too, especially in Hodeidah.
I also ask Mr. Walid to support us and help the poor people in Hodeidah who are suffering from heavy electricity bills. We want you to allow us through your newspaper as usual to appeal our president to see this matter mercifully. I think electricity is more essential for each family than telephone services.
AbdulWahab Abduqawi Al sofi.
[email protected]
Don’t Muslims believe in freedom?
Regarding your opinion on the economic perils of the Iraq war.
I commend your efforts to engage Americans in discussions about these topics. This can only help. I believe the Internet is a great tool for cultures to communicate and you use it well.
Just as Americans may now tend to view Muslims with distrust and stereotype them you should not assume Americans are all materialistic and engrossed in concern for our economy. I for one am concerned more for other things.
I believe Saddam is very dangerous and should be removed before he hands the bomb to a terrorist in five years or so. I am not concerned with any impact to our economy since there will be none. With regime change, we will significantly lesson our dependence on Saudi Arabia. Americans’ greater interest is that regime change would increase the security of Americans over the next 5-10 years.
This will not be another Vietnam. We were hit hard on September 11. We are willing to spend bodies for America and what we believe in. Make no mistake about it. Though it’s not true most Americans think Muslims drew first blood, we will not waiver, we will not falter, we will not tire.
In addition, I am constantly dumbfounded that you and other Muslims resist the concept of democracy and freedom. Why? Help me to understand. Do you in fact disagree with an individual’s right to free expression and pursuit of happiness and fulfillment through whatever means an individual desires? How can one oppose this?
Is it that you believe in practice our efforts do not result in democracy and freedom for others but only for ourselves. You believe that we promote oppressive regimes and monarchies that suppress individual freedom thus you oppose us because we are hypocritical.
The question remains: Do Muslims support personal freedom and democracy for themselves if we did make possible a true form: or would you prefer an Islamic state under Shariah law (a small group’s interpretation of God’s law imposed on all).
This is the fundamental question and I think represents a big part of the divide between us.
Leb Lond
[email protected]
I’m one of the readers of your esteemed newspaper .I just want to congratulate you and all the staff of the newspaper for the success you have achieved .We do not also forget your major role in upgrading the level of youths in English and computers.
Wishing you all the success.
Adnan Abbas
[email protected]
I understand your suffering
I would just like to say first of all that I’m not an Arab or Muslim but I do understand the suffering of Arab countries like the issue with the Palestine-Israel conflict, and the way US President George Bush’s government helps the Israel to kill innocent people. Now he wants to invade Iraq and bully other countries.
He talks about the axis of evil the war against terrorism all this nonsense. He and his government should realize how much damage they have done to the world and for once try and care for countries, not bomb them or sanction them. They want to make an impression on the world and yes, they have made me realize how much they disgust me with there politics, so how could you not hate them?
Paul Kearney