Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/50/Letters to the Editor]

December 9 2002

Yemen’s sovereignty violated
I have great sympathy with the Yemeni citizens who feel that their national sovereignty was undermined when the CIA missile blew up a vehicle killing six suspects in Yemen’s eastern desert.
The USA would feel the same if an Arab state shot a missile at US territories and blew up Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Even though our own US sovereignty would then be violated, in my opinion, we should still be very happy to get rid of such Americans.
Lindh S.
[email protected]
Misplaced “national integrity”You would be better served by focusing on the issue itself, mainly: the necessity of hunting down and eliminating terrorists.
Instead of worrying about your national pride as the US kills six Yemeni citizens. I hope you agree that terrorist citizens of any nation need to be destroyed for the safety of others, and it might be a decent idea to be honest with people and tell them you are doing this for the right reasons; unless of course, you support these acts of terror.
You’re upset that the US forced Yemen to fight terrorists? You apparently share Osama bin Laden’s logic that innocent American civilians have somehow brought it upon themselves due to US foreign policy, and that terrorism is a natural and acceptable outcome.
And if you believe it is not an acceptable outcome (which I now believe 99% of worldwide Arabs do) then why are you complaining about your own government doing the right thing?
Your concern for “national integrity” sounds sadly misplaced.
Drew Meadors
[email protected]
If we can’t, let the US do it
I am a Yemeni-American living in the U.S. and I want to tell you that I have no problem whatsoever with the U.S. Striking terrorists anywhere at anytime.
You know, as well as I do, that the Yemeni police could not capture a group of people who are roaming the country-side and armed to the teeth. As far as the Yemeni government supporting the U.S. strike, well, it is about time we open our eyes and realize that we have taken many stances in the past that were against America and they turned out to be extremely expensive.
Why do you think our people were thrown out of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, if it were not for our, patriotic, yet politically naive stance during the Gulf War. No thanks to those who demonstrated against the allies. Now we have 35% unemployment.
So my opinion is this; Wake up. Put the slogans aside. Look at where our interests are and act accordingly. And if the Yemeni government supports the U.S., I want to give them my support.
F. Samawi
[email protected]