Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/51/Letters to the Editor]

December 16 2002

Column on Islam
Something that attracted my attention in the last issue of Yemen Times on Dec. 9 is the article by Harun Yahya, ‘Islam denounces terrorism.’
Because Yemen Times is the first and the most widely English newspaper in Yemen, I think it would be a good idea to specify a weekly column in the newspaper for such articles to explain Islam’s point of view on current events.
I hope such a step will also clarify Islam’s principals and ethics to others
Mohammed AL-Ghashm
[email protected]

35-year-old memories of Aden
It was very interesting for me to read your article on the anniversary 35 years ago when the British left Aden. I was at the time a young boy, my father being seconded to the Federal Regular Army from Britain, I have written my account of my memories on www.britains-smallwars.com click on the barren rocks of Aden. My family and I, although British, made many Yemeni friends at that time. We do respect your anniversary.
Richard Viner
[email protected]

Why boycott Eritrea?
I have seen the small article written at your newspaper regarding Eritrea with the title “No Goods to Eritrea” and I wonder what you can do to influence your government from this wrong doing. Your government is collaborating with those minority leaders whose days are numbered.
I greatly advise your journal to ask why the government doing this ugly thing towards Eritrea.
Dr. Daniel Gebreselasie
[email protected]
How can this be justified?
Yemen’s authorities seem to be totally committed to combating terrorism and either fight a war on behalf of USA against the so-called world terrorism, or give a cart blanc to the CIA to assassinate Yemeni citizens on their home land.
This is an equation that is beyond the vision of millions of Yemenite inside Yemen and around the world. How could any one justify such an act by the Yemeni authorities in giving the green light for the CIA and US military to demolish Yemen and murder its citizens openly and in day light?
A conspiracy is taking place between the authorities and USA today under the shining sun of Sana’a without shame from Almighty Allah!
Saeed A Al-Shormani
[email protected]