Letters to the Editor [Archives:2003/02/Letters to the Editor]

January 13 2003

A new crusade
The world is seeing continuous preparations of the American troops and its allies to destroy the Iraqi dictatorship or to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction.
But whatever may be the excuses, slogans and allegations, it is a new colonization.
Globalization, is a new dress-war against terrorism, or in a clear phrase, a new crusade against Muslims.
The Arab leaders try to illustrate for the eaters of pigs and the killers of prophets the difference between Islam and terrorism, while the American administration supports the Zionist enemy in their conflict with the armless children in Palestine.
It is a shame to see the protesting demonstrations in the western countries are unable to stop a possible strike against Iraq, while Arab nations do not move.
So what do we expect of such troops? Is it not yet time-up for the Arab leaders to wake up from their sleepiness? Especially those who run to provide the helping hand for the enemy Hebrew and Christian.
We should not be deceived by false excuses by American and Zionist imperialism that they are launching their aggression on Iraq to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction, while the United States and its ally Israel are using all their means of deception to destroy Iraq. Is it credible that Islam is a religion of violence and terror, while cowboys are patrons of peace and security?
Fahad Ahmed Alssabri
Mobiles are a problem
No doubt, most of us cannot deny the developments in the electronic field and that human beings have achieved many advantages.
But it appears that it brings out some defects along as well. For example, mobiles that have become the fashion these days, carried everywhere by men or women, are considered one of the best communication tools nowadays.
Still, it becomes obvious that young men and women get crazy about mobiles as they use them on the bus, on the street, and even in the classroom, without consideration to the people around them as if there are not suitable places for their talks.
Besides, most mobile owners have to show off, especially girls who are seen carrying the mobile laughing shamefully, forgetting our society’s customs.
In my opinion, the defect is not in the technology, but it is in the people themselves who misuse it.
Rabe’a al-Agbari
How will Kamel go to heaven?
I wonder how a person like Abid Kamel can kill three people without any mercy and for no reason. Was their fault only that they are American people?
What happened to them was their reward after many years of giving to us.
I do refute what Abid Kamel has done, because it is a crime on human rights.
Islam forbids killing, whether Muslim or not.
So how is he going to be in the heaven as he said?!
Rania al-Kulaibi
Zean [email protected]