Letters to the Editor [Archives:2003/03/Letters to the Editor]

January 20 2003

A message to Yemenis
As the Bush administration continues its tragic march towards war on Iraq, I want to express my sorrow and apologies at the behavior of my government.
I don’t want war. Many, many people I know don’t want war. Even the CIA thinks it’s a bad idea, and still the US government continues with its plans.
If I, as part of the anti-war movement, fail to stop this war from happening, please accept my most heartfelt apologies, and know that I will continue to work to try to end the violence as quickly as possible. I wish you nothing but love, joy, and peace.
Kathryn Blume
[email protected]
The killed American Baptists
The Baptist medical missionaries killed in Yemen were always very practical people. If you were going to be around for a while, they would want to know your blood type and what you wanted them to do for you.
For Dr Martha Myers and Bill Koehn it was to join two other American doctors who came to Yemen in 1947 and never left. Their tragic deaths are a reminder that the war for peace also has its casualties.
Humanitarian workers and missionaries have always been safe in Yemen. They have been afforded the protection and sponsorship of the government. More importantly they have been given the protection of the local tribes and the people they serve.
But the tribal code that would normally protect them from harm does not apply in this new Islamic radicalism. It is in a sense a breakdown of Yemeni culture and a dishonor on the tribe of Jibla.
The missionaries in Yemen were aware of the dangers but decided to stay because of their devotion to the people of Yemen. The remaining missionaries in Yemen have not evacuated and I suspect they would not want to abandon their friends buried on the hillside of Jibla.
Peace has a price and it is called love.
Thomas Richard
[email protected]
Good fight
You are to be commended for fighting the ‘good fight.’ It must be difficult to see what could be possible if your countrymen would unite to produce a better Yemen. But like here in the US, the lawyers seem to be standing in your way. Do not give up. Reach the common people of your country and educate them so that they will not be swayed by smooth talking politicians. If you can show them that you are the voice of reason, they will look to you for leadership and lend their support to the right side of your country’s issues. The loss of your friend must have been devastating to you. It is my hope that his assassination will not be the end of his heroic struggle for his people.
Gary B.
[email protected]