Letters to the Editor [Archives:2003/04/Letters to the Editor]

January 27 2003

Jarallah’s assassination
The brief reference to the assassination of Comrade Jarallah Omar highlights the perverse logic of the sectarian groups responsible for the spate of killings in Yemen. Jarallah Omar a leader in the Yemeni Socialist Party was speaking as a guest of the main Islamic Party Islah, when he was murdered. At a time when anti-imperialists of the Arab/ Islamic world and beyond, are uniting against the US and UK policy, who benefits from silencing debate between Islamists and socialists?
The obvious answer the Western powers, brings us back to the fact that these groups were originally nurtured by US/ UK imperialism to destroy the Soviet Union, by fermenting conflict between socialists and Islamists. We need to unite as never before to ensure the imperialist hegemony does not prevail.
Nasser Al Mashadi
[email protected]
Jarallah assassination remembered
First of all, I would like to convey my condolences to the family and the relatives of Mr. Jarallah Omar in particular; in general, my heart goes also to all peace-loving people of “Yemen Felix.”Whoever did it, and whoever conspired against him, and whoever wanted him dead, now that he is gone: Will no one tell me, if his death serves anyone’s political gains? Do his shoes fit the killers’ feet? Although it proves out to be a cruel irony, history teaches us that, men who fought for noble causes, men that preached non-violence, have at last fallen victim to blood-thirsty criminals! What a loss! What a pain! What a sorrow! Look, Mr. Omar is not there anymore! Because of the loss of such a great man, Yemen became poorer a republic than ever before!
I am fed up of assassinations, of senseless fighting, of tribal feuds, of lawlessness…. Look to Somalia! This good neighbor of yours! Do you like what is happening there? People should educate themselves in order to settle their differences not by the barrel of the gun but through peaceful negotiations.
“Never prey on other men!”, I say to every Yemeni. To the renowned Sheikhs of Yemen, I say: Never behave like our warlords, who are only blindfolded by Power. Never let your nation down!
I hope that everybody gets my message, and my words must reach Sana’a: “however the journey is long!” Because I love and belong to the people of Yemen. I am your brother. A mourning brother of yours.
I wish the people of Yemen long live and many years of happiness. Wish you a happy new year! It is all the best from sincerely yours,
A. M. Yuusuf
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Moments of grief
First of all, I would like to thank Yemen Times and its Editor-in-Chief for their matchless efforts.
We are indeed living days of grief and sorrow these days. What I have learned from your paper is that one should devote himself to serve ones country and its people. But, I was truly shocked when I found that some Yemeni people refused to be cooperative and are not proud of their country.
Instead of honoring their country and people, they started killing the innocent! It is something unimaginable.
I along with many others was also astonished to learn that Mr. Jarallah Omer was assassinated. In such tough conditions, all we can do is pray for his soul and stress that he will forever stay in our mind and heart.
Alyafee Yafee
[email protected]
Horrifying assassination of Jarallah
I feel panic and my whole body is shivering for assassination of Comrade Jarallah Omar and totally denounce and condemn this barbaric act which is not justifiable by any religion of whatsoever on earth!.
I also condemn the killing of 3 innocent people and wounding the fourth one without any justification! Those Americans came for our help and they are doing a humanitarian job for the sake of our own flesh. They left their own homes and families to come up here and serve us and serve our country and they are rewarded by a devilish way! Now how on earth can we say to the whole world that we deserve to be assisted by our friends any where they exist. How can we explain to them that we are a civilized nation, when every time a friend who comes to our rescue will fell dead by our own hands!
But why? Why we kill innocent people! Do we deserve to live after all? It is very disgusting and offensive!
How dare a human kill innocent people in cold blood, after all do we deserve to live? I don’t think so!
Syed Hashim Hasson Ali
[email protected]
Jarallah’s demise and Islamic fundamentalism
The assassination of Jarallah Omar has shown that Islamic fundamentalists have never convinced those outside of their narrow minded social groups that Islamic fundamentalism has any thing to offer. So, in order to enforce their viewpoint, the fundamentalists murder others who hold different beliefs and who are usually not in a position to defend themselves. Three doctors, people who spent a lifetime HELPING others, had their lives stolen by a stupid, ignorant and evil Islamic fundamentalist who has contributed NOTHING to your country. A well known and respected politician was also murdered by another Islamic religious freak who also has never contributed anything to your country except hate and a mindless lust for power through the manipulation of your religion. What is the solution? I can offer suggestions, but it is infinitely better if your people can learn to live in the modern world without hating it or fearing it.
Keith Kweinman
[email protected]
Jibla killing remembered
I am a British national who has previously lived for many years in Yemen, and I was devastated to hear of the murder of three Americans who lived in Jibla last month. Supporters of Yemen and Yemeni people have been murdered and Yemen has lost some good friends.
Recently US forces assassinated four Yemenis. Only one British reporter, Robert Fisk in the Independent, had the courage to call it murder, but that is what it was. I stopped and thought what would happen if Yemen had assassinated four British people on British soil. Apart from causing a diplomatic crisis, ordinary peace-loving Arabic people living in the West would be targeted by racists and extremists and their lives would be at risk. I would condemn the perpetrators and expect them to be bought to justice. In this supposed scenario, I would also see some responsibility lying with the government whose policy had been to act in violation of international law.
In the same way, I hope that the Yemeni murderer who killed these innocent Americans will be punished according to the law, but in my opinion the blame also lies with the way the US has ignored international law and human rights in its operations within Yemen. The Americans who had died had lived in Yemen safely, between them for 67 years. It was only after Yemenis were assassinated by USA that these horrendous crimes occurred. Islam is used and abused by both Muslims and non-Muslims in the current tensions between East and West, but I believe the core underlying reason for these murders is not religion but an unequal struggle to control resources in the Middle East.
The West has overwhelming power which it abuses causing frustration, resentment and retaliation from the Arabs it attempts to dominate. Whilst I understand this reaction it does not in any way excuse the crime but Western leaders need to look carefully at the crisis in the relationships between East and West to prevent further bloodshed.
Unfortunately, the ramifications will not only be the punishment of the person who committed the crime. Ordinary peace-loving Yemenis will have yet more restrictions on their lives and their reputation abroad will be further tarnished. Those of us who fight to make people in the West understand that Islam is a religion of peace will find our struggle for greater understanding between religions and justice for Muslims and Arabs much more difficult.
Judith Brown,
[email protected]
Time for national unity
The sad news of the death of Jarallah Omar came as a shock to all Yemenis inside and outside the country, not only because of the loss of an important figure in the political arena in Yemen but also of the timing of this horrible act. We all know that we live in a critical historical moment in which uncertainty and instability are the prominent features of the world political scene.
National unity is a must in these dark days. Right from the top of the political hierarchy to the ordinary man we have national and moral responsibility to face the new situation, created by the September 11th attacks. As a unified nation, the last thing the country needs is petty political bickering that will benefit only the country’s enemies. Accusation and counter accusation is not beneficial to the nation’s interests and any one who will use the last sad incident for political gains will be wrong. The death of Mr Omar is a loss to the GPC before it is a loss to his own party.
We are all Yemenis and our foremost goal must be the modernization and prosperity of our beloved country. We can do this only if we are united. The nation’s interests must be put before all other personal or partisan interests. We have wasted a lot of valuable time and history will not forgive us if we waste more.
Abdulrahman al-Huthaify
[email protected]
The killings in Yemen
I’m sending this email to all the Yemeni communities in Canada and the US and I hope this action will be taken into consideration in Yemen too. I was wondering if the Yemeni people took any action with regards to the tragic murders that were committed in Jibla? If not, perhaps a Candle light vigil or something of the sort could be held in the memory of the innocent missionaries that died. They did a lot of work in Yemen and helped a lot of Yemeni people and the least we could do is, remember them. Hope to see some action in Yemen.
Malaika Ali
[email protected]
Jibla incident: Why?
I would like to forward these questions to the Yemeni people concerning the Jibla attack: Where is the tolerance purported by your prophet? Where is the kindness, the love of life, the welcome of strangers? These missionaries loved your people, and chose to be buried there instead back home in the US. Yet you refuse to help do anything about the hate being preached by your imams, refuse to e-mail the FBI (fbi.org) about Al-qaeda plots and wanted militants. May God forgive you for your hatred.
Ray J. Annis
Sebring, Fl USA
[email protected]
Jibla attack: Why neglect the main cause
I noticed that, in your article about the assassination of the three missionaries, you neglected to mention that the killer did his evil deed precisely and specifically because they were Christians. Why did you omit this important point? Is it because you want to hide the real cause of this act?
Those Muslims who deplore this act, once again, remain silent. Where is your outcry? Are you bullied into silence by the fringe elements of you r religion? Where is your backbone? Where is your outrage?
So far, I have yet to read an article in any publication about “militant Christians” murdering Muslims. This is because Christians win people to God by loving them, just as Jesus Christ did. Militant Muslims, conversely, “win victories for Allah” by murder. The irony is magnificent.
Bob Fritz
[email protected]
Jibla tragedy: Can you enlighten me?
I have read the news reports regarding the incident in Jibla. Not just USA reports but reports from media in Europe and the Arab world.
Each have shown the quote from the assailant that his reason for shooting the people was to “cleanse his religion and get closer to Allah,” .
I have a question, is this how your God Allah rewards those who sacrifice the comfort of living in their own country near their own loved ones to help and in some cases save the lives and suffering of your children, mothers and loved ones?
I just don’t understand, can you or your readers enlighten me.
Ron Ellis
Las Vegas, NV USA
[email protected]
Murder of Jibla doctors: Not of Islam
I have just read the headlines on my browser about three American missionaries being shot.
I do not know for certain who the owner of this newspaper is, Muslim or other, but hopefully my opinion will count.
I have read about Islam, sought out any articles and or Web sites, and I have trouble dealing with a religion that teaches any member that killing those of another faith or nationality will bring them closer to God.
Must be another God from the one that I know.
Not to say that all Christians are Christ like, but if they aren’t, I would be the first to condemn their actions if it were in the reverse.
Muslims are free to worship, witness to others, or whatever they so desire in this country, so long as it does not involve terrorism.
So long as any members of the Muslim faith see killing, or any acts of terrorism, as the way to advance the Muslim cause, I say to other Muslims that you should condemn these and root them out of your midst.
I see no way for this to improve your image or draw you closer to God.
If this is what Muhammad taught, then you are definitely in for a long winter as they say.
Otis N. Bledsoe
[email protected]