Letters to the Editor [Archives:2003/07/Letters to the Editor]

February 17 2003

Casualties of war for peace
The tragic death of the American aid workers many weeks ago is a reminder that the war for peace also has its casualties. Humanitarian workers and missionaries have always been safe in Yemen. They have been afforded the protection and sponsorship of the government. More importantly they have been given the protection of the local tribes and the people they serve. The tribal code that would normally protect them from harm does not apply in this new Islamic radicalism.
It is in a sense a breakdown of Yemeni culture and a dishonor on the tribe of Jibla. The aid workers in Yemen were aware of the dangers but decided to stay because of their devotion to the people of Yemen. The remaining aid workers in Yemen have not evacuated and I suspect they would not want to abandon their friends buried on the hillside of Jibla. Peace has a price in the Koran and the Bible and it is called love.
Thomas Richard
[email protected]
No to War!
As a 63-year old American, I would say that I do not want war. Americans do not want war. The whole world does not want war. But also the world does not need a man threatening other countries whose political or religious opinions are different. Americans are made up of many different people from the world and they all want peace. If the Arab world wants peace, then join us in our efforts to topple Iraq’s regime and make the world more peaceful. I do not like what Israel is doing to Palestinians as well, and I fight against it. But I do not kill Israelis to make my point.
M. Hardy
[email protected]
Lessons from WW II
I have read your viewpoint article published a few weeks ago on lessons to be learnt from World War II with much admiration and praise for it. The great people of Germany and Japan are due historic credit for their acts. But at the same time one should not forget the role of the US in supplying the Marshall Plan and the revitalization of Japan after the victory. We are prepared to do the same for the citizens of Iraq should war come.
Cliff Baker
[email protected]