Like the moon [Archives:2008/1177/Community]

July 31 2008

By: Adnan Al-Halmi
[email protected]

Like the moon among the stars

Playing the love symphony, I saw her.

To the clouds in the darkest dusk

asking the morning star.

To regain the college days together, she struggles

With the moonbeams, sent me love sprinkles.

The faded soul is quenching like trickles.

Yet, your smiles my heart embraced,

Exiled stress and strain,

Also woe displaced.

It glistens here, it sparkles there,

Apart my fears it tears.

Sprinkles of love to you I sent in return.

Let your mouth smile like the smiling

mouth of Yemen still.

A slim moderate waist, she is tall,

Silky yellow hair like falling cascades,

Reddish-white red cheeks, strawberry it looks,

Thin, but her lips are rosy,

Painted by God's hand red, red, red.

A necklace upon her chest shines like

the Eiffel Tower at night out set,

Long blond eyelashes that my heart

captures and jails,

Charming, fascinating, a “fairy lovely queen,”

My sweetheart is.

Angel or human? I cannot tell. Oh sigh.

Oh, so far, so agonizing, so hard, so high,

To reach but instead the moon,

She decorates the sky.

But alas, far away, a deserted broken heart she left.

It is bleeding.

With woes her smile folded.

She is caressing, longing and I am hugging the sky.