Local police chief under investigation for torturing child [Archives:2008/1164/Local News]

June 16 2008

Saddam Al-Ashmori
For the Yemen Times

SANA'A, June 15 ) The head of Al-Qalfan Police Station in the Shumaila district of Sana'a, Khalid Al-Gowsi, is under investigation by the Southern Sana'a public prosecutor for the torture and illegal imprisonment of 13-year-old Muneef Al-Khawlani last month.

Muneef Al-Khawlani was arrested by police officers in early May while he was out buying milk for his family at the corner store, according to his earlier statements. While he was at the store, the building's landlord called the police and said that Al-Khawlani had stolen his car battery. “The police came and put me inside their vehicle, where they tied my mouth tightly, and then took me to Al-Qalfan Police Station,” Al-Khawlani told the Yemen Times last month. He added