Locals in Al-Qaeda appeal to President over rights abuse [Archives:2006/946/Local News]

May 15 2006

By: Nashwan Dammaj
IBB, May 14 ) Several people in Al-Qaeda city, Ibb province, released a statement last week denouncing the acts of the Central Security soldiers who beat, badmouthed and threatened some locals without any obvious reasons. Soldiers on board a Central Security vehicle arrested Abduljalil Saleh Al-Samman for not lifting a new national flag during the passing by of the President's convoy.

In the statement, locals confirmed they bear witness on assaults against innocent citizens who are appealing to the President to liberate them from such oppression, “as the attack against a single citizen is an attack against everyone.””

Victim Abduljalil Al-Samman said Central Security troops in Al-Qaeda assaulted him for not replacing the old national flag on the front of his shop with a new one because the President's motorcade was driving through Al-Qaeda to Taiz. “”Two Central Security vehicles forcibly grabbed me from inside my shop alleging that I refused to replace the old flag with a new one. They did not allow me to lock my shop and took me immediately to the Security Department without giving me any chance to speak