Look at Iraqis after liberation [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Harry Knopp
West Virginia, USA
[email protected]

As an American, I would like to explain to the Arab world why it is that my country is fighting the war in Iraq.
It's because we have to. We didn't want to. We didn't even have to. The fact is, if the Arab world had taken care of its own problem, then our sons and daughters wouldn't be fighting in Iraq.
It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that Arabs are now protesting this war. Your culture has already been made to appear weak because you let Saddam Hussein have his way. He killed hundreds of thousands of his own Muslim, Arab people and you stood by and did nothing. Shame on you! Instead of protesting, you should be taking up arms against Saddam and protecting Arab children.
Because Arabs have allowed terrorists and terrorist states to flourish, my country is now fighting a war on terrorism. I hope that our disarmament of Saddam Hussein's regime is getting our message across loud and clear.
After Sept. 11, 2001 we will no longer stand idly by and allow terrorists and those who support them to kill innocent men, women, and children. It doesn't matter what nationality the victims are, either. I am very proud that my country stands up for those who can't stand up for themselves. Terrorism will end. Period.
I urge the world to watch what happens in Iraq. How the people react when they realize their oppression has been ended. How their country will flourish with the renewed vigor of a long-suffering people. It will be a model for the Arab world.