Lyricist honored [Archives:2003/649/Local News]

July 10 2003

Mr. Ahmed al-Gaberi, a lyricist and a poet is to be honored today by the Taiz-based al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture.
The honoring ceremony is part of a number of steps taken by the foundation as part of an annual award ceremony for distinguished intellects and scientists. The awardees will be receiving Hayel Saeed Ana'am prizes for Sciences and Culture.
A host of distinguished Yemeni singers are to be honored this year including Mohammed Morshed Naji, Ayoub Taresh Absi, and Mohammed Mahmoud al-Harethi.
Mr. Ahmed al-Gaberi has actively contributed to lyrical poetry and has an active role in promoting and supporting the Yemeni song.
He has contributed extensively to the romance poems, aesthetics, and pastoral expressive daily life.
On the other hand, the Saeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture continued its other 2003 cultural activities including a lecture entitled “Children Literature” delivered by Mr. Abdurahman Abdulkhaleq, the Chairman of the Yemen's Writers and Authors Union-Aden branch on July 10, 2003.