March against Bush [Archives:2004/769/Letters to the Editor]

September 2 2004

Thomas Richard
[email protected]

On August 29th the day before the US Republican National Convention in New York City, there will be a massive demonstration against George Bush and his war in Iraq. This is the second time since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, that more than 250,000 people will march in the streets of New York city, to say that Bush's War is not their war. They will continue to demonstrate and say that the values and constitution we hold dearly is under attack by an erosion of our civil liberties.
Americans do not want their country to turn into a police state. The march will go past the Madison Square Garden the site of Bush's convention and coronation. For the Yemeni readers who cannot demonstrate against Bush I urge them to white to Bush and ambassador Hull, to tell them that the USA should remove its troops from Arabian soil and let Arabs solve their own problems. See the United for Peace and Justice Web site for details about protests. (