Maybe you were wrong [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Chuck Treadway
[email protected]

It is pretty apparent from news videos that the Iraqi people are thrilled that Saddam is gone. Maybe you were wrong. Why do you think these people were jumping for joy? I suppose it is ok with you for Saddam to continue to torture and kill his people. How humane are you to stand by and let these actions continue? The USA is not there to stay forever. However, they need to be there as a policing force until the Iraqis can get organized. Why have some patience and let us help these people?
We will find the weapons of mass destruction. Will you be big enough of a man to admit you were wrong when we do?
It's sad that all over the Middle East that people are shocked and stunned at the reactions today of the people in Baghdad. That's mainly because of journalists like you, who write anti American propaganda. How do you feel to see the people of Iraq so happy and celebrating?

Dear Chuck,
Don't be fooled by exaggerated illusions manifested by a minority of Iraqi looters and vandals, who took to the street and went on to finish the jobs of the Tomahawks and other weapons could not finish. The rest of the Iraqi people remained at home in awe and shock at what just befell them.
The Editors