Medicines Smuggling [Archives:2006/995/Letters to the Editor]

October 2 2006

Pharmacist Ammar Almadhagi
[email protected]
London, UK

I sent you a letter sometime before as I asked you to specify a part to talk about the problems of medicines in Yemen, but today I would like to participate in this problem and talk about Medicines Smuggling From Other Countries to Yemen, I will be happy if you could release or unfurl it in your newspaper AND I hope to have a reply on my email address if you agree to publish my essay to add more lines to this essay, my essay under the title of (Funding plea to fight smuggling):

An increase in the smuggling of medicines is leading to lost revenues and more organized destruction in the medicinal Yemeni market;

in addition to lost revenue, smuggling also had wider effects on society including:

1-Large firms or the multinational companies lose their strategy, their long term planning ,their creditability in the market as the prices of smuggled items or medicines are too low in comparison with the normal prices of that products in the Yemeni market in addition to many problems include deterioration of the smuggled products due to bad circumstances of smuggling (heat,humadity,etc) and healthy problems as the patient may use that products by wrong result in affecting on the reputation of the product or the original company manfactures that product.

2-small firms or generic companies may presume or buzz the ( bad reputation of the product or the original company manufactures that product)leading to more and more destruction of the excellent products .Actually there are more and more problems but I liked to say that in brief so I beseech the Minister OF Health to do anything about this big problem that will harm patients ,society and the noble purpose of medicine as the medicine primarily is a service to help patients to feel better not a juice , yoghurt or a fake clothes that may worn or not.

Finally I would like to thank you for allowing me to say What I hoped to say and to what must be said by every one interested in this field.