Memories of Yemen [Archives:2005/806/Letters to the Editor]

January 10 2005

Peter Johnson
[email protected]

I enjoy reading your newspaper on the Internet at my home in the Rocky Mountains of America. It was my great privilege to visit Yemen in 2001. The country was fascinating and the people were friendly and warm. I enjoyed my time there very much and hope that someday I will return. I miss very much the rich heritage that is so abundant in Yemen.

I was part of a filming crew making a film on the famous Incense Trail. We were in Marib on September 11, 2001 and had to return home early because of the international problems. I must say that after September 11, our guides and guards were more than thoughtful for our feelings. I love the way they were so sensitive to us.

How can I ever forget the great expressions of love and concern given to me? Yemen is a great country, but largely unknown by the rest of the world. I made great friends there, one of whom was a soldier and student at the University of Sanaa named Sameer Rawa. One of the most impressive people I have ever met. I love him very much and consider Sameer one of my greatest friends. Unfortunately, with the sad conflict in the world, I have lost contact with Sameer. I hope, God willing, that somehow I may once again have the joy of talking and writing to my great Yemeni friend. I send to all the people of Yemen my best wishes for your happiness and joy.