Millions of Americans oppose war [Archives:2003/628/Letters to the Editor]

March 24 2003

Stephen Scoll
I would like to thank Hassan Al-Haifi for the editorial piece on the 19th “The End of Whom.” This entire sequence of events which is poised to become so much more horrendous and painful for so many has a silver lining. That is the coming together of millions of like-minded individuals around the planet speaking for peace. Your article, through the veil of sarcasm, expresses the optimism for a peaceful world we despair of finding in the immediate present but which can and must be secured if we are to survive as a species.
This is an unprecedented time of international savagery. So much is in the process of going so thoroughly wrong in every part of the globe.
Please know that millions of us here in the US deplore what is occurring.
When as children we misbehaved our parents would admonish us to “STOP IT!, and go sit down until you can behave.” This is that moment and the voices of the civilized nations of the world are being heard loud and clearly saying exactly that.