More about Abyssinia [Archives:2004/759/Letters to the Editor]

August 29 2004

Denboba Natie
[email protected]

I am incredibly delighted to see such a critical and intellectually analyzed article on Habesha / Abyssinia. They are people of myth and want to talk just about hallucinations without any historical grounding. They have in fact, very good monks who spent all their lives in caves making up stories and have done a number of imaginary and fantasized depictions of 3000 years of Abyssinian history. The reality lies in your analysis.
They (the Habeshas) also robustly deny that they have colonized non-Abyssinians since 1880s while their king Minilk II was on power for their regions of Tigray, Gonder, Gojam and part of Shoa. Since those times, the have brutalized other non-Abyssinia nations including my second largest Cushitic nation (Sidama) of today's Ethiopia. As you know the Oromo is the largest Cush of Ethiopia and even Africa.
So thank you very much for your deep analysis. Please visit our web site on ( if you can and see what I always write on brutal treatment of non-Habesha nations by successive Abyssinian rulers under the pseudo name 'Kambata Xoola' at the news page. If you don't mind we will keep your link on our web site so that we can get information.
Please do you have any comprehensive book written by you on Abyssinia? If you do, I will definitely buy it immediately. Please let me know.