More Africans entering Yemen illegally [Archives:2004/788/Local News]

November 8 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Official sources in Sana'a said last week that up to 20,000 people from the Horn of Africa have come into Yemen since the beginning of this year.
Most hold Somali citizenship followed by the Ethiopians.
The number of African infiltrators into the Yemeni coastlines are on the rise compared to that of the last few months. The average of those captured exceeds 1,000 a day.
Yemeni security systems captured two weeks ago more than 700 persons who almost hold Somali citizenship, including 150 women, after they illegally infiltrated into the Yemeni lands, according to the sources.
The sources pointed out that the majority of those possessing the Somali nationality were captured in the coastlines of Radhoum District, Shabwa Governorate south east of Sana'a.
The infiltrators were frayed by unidentified boats from the African coasts to that area. Many others were captured in the province of Hodeidah, west of Sana'a, after they entered across the sea.
Additionally huge numbers of refugees from the Horn of Africa still enjoy illegal stay in the Yemeni lands with the Yemeni authorities unable to find them out.