More focus on corruption needed [Archives:2004/784/Letters to the Editor]

October 25 2004

Kamal Yahya Maridi
[email protected]

In his latest sketched opinions, Samer has started focusing on the right concerns and problems, which we are struggling from.
Corruption is as fatal as cancer and it is going to destroy our country, if we do not uproot it as quick as possible.
Fighting corruption is the job of all Yemenis, especially writers and artists like the talented artist Samer Ahmed who is doing his best to fight the rascal figures here in Yemen.
Also I would like to thank Yahya Al olofi for his frankness and courage in his reflections titled (The Hell Of Maswari is……….) in which he showed us some examples of what is going on in our country.
So let us make an invitation for all sincere people to start fighting corruption ,each one from his position.