More resembling to the shades [Archives:2008/1137/Community]

March 13 2008

By: Mohammad Noaman Al-Hakimi
[email protected]
Translated by: Fuad Al-Shalabi

Verse is a more resembling to the shades

When your spectrum glimpsed or appeared to me

And reveals in eyes of the flood my soul

Crowned with bracelets of the crescent

And in the bottom of myself visions get greened

And trails with sublimity palm of fantasy

And mix ignitions of green high lands

With pains of streams and the hills

Overwhelmed me the pleasure when early starts on

Persons of the love, stands before me

Seeing when I mention Prophet Mohammad

Yearning glows in all of the feelings

Smelling odor breezing from the letters

On embers dewed in my essay

Purifying heart as long as it to be

Beloved of Allah my business and concern

As long as I look at him, I'm fortunate

Secrets of the beauty and secrets of the love

As long as I submit him my devotion

I encircle every precious in whole of the life


Me O Mustafa, is a lover slave

Heading you, O Messenger in bad of the state

A pardon, O my Master to the inexperienced, is it there

And a refuge for the ideal heart?

Imagining the expressing spoiling my whole of flesh

If I retrieve the old passing days

And revise calamities and the pains

And “icons” fantasy of the time

And sank in haze of a shyness

Struggling me reduction in reduction


O master I'm in any of circumstance

A refugee at door of you thence accept my convergence

In light of hands you've, I appeal my invocations

To “The Gracious”, how if you're the light

A leader to the guidance after the misleading

So grant me a blink of eye of love

Completeness I substantiate to one, that's of mine

– O Master – you, the one I know for the forgiveness

And a deserver to mediate un punishment and the grant

A leader of demonstration on the Day of Judgment

Thence no nearness of vending nor else of any cost

For this I vowed the precious of my life

To your love, myself and my belongings

Hoping you'll stay with me in communication

If communication with the world is so interrupted

And bide O my God prayers on every blinking

Upon Taha and family, his ancestry, of all the best