Mosque preacher accuses YSP of infidelity [Archives:2004/706/Local News]

January 26 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Al-Thawri weekly, organ of the YSP, has reported that the preacher of al-Zubair bin al-Awam mosque in Sana'a, after the conclusion of the democracy conference, has started a new campaign against the Yemeni socialist party.
He accuses it of infidelity, in an attempt to provide excuses for completing implementation of political assassinations of leaders and members of the party under pretexts of infidelity. It's an accusation that had followed the unification in 1990.
The new campaign against the YSP was launched in the wake of a Yemeni woman who demanded abolishing the death penalty, a demand which the preacher considered came because the woman is a member of the YSP.
The paper said that only three of the YSP leaders had mentioned such remarks that had been published in the Thawri weekly's last issue.
Political observers have remarked that insistence on calling the YSP, an infidel and using the same scenario that led to the assassination of the party's assistant secretary general, disclosing a new plot aimed at the life of a new number of the party's members.
Various media establishments last year mentioned that Dr Yassin Said Nouman, former parliament speaker, had received threats of killing by what were described as Islamist hardliners affiliate of the Eman University as the considered him still unrepentant.