Musical tones and rainbow of human being [Archives:2007/1075/Community]

August 9 2007

By: Radhieh Amer
We may ask ourselves what we as human beings are and what our needs are. These questions are a white light. If we are going to expose this light to a prism, the individual frequencies are split a part into the colors that were contained within the single beam. In this case, the colors are arranged in layers separate and distinct from one another, yet each one is blending into the next. Another arbitrary division in our life is the musical scale. Here too, although the use of the musical division differs from one nation into the other, the seven- note scale seems to be predominating. The audible spectrum is much border than that of the visible light, and as these things our life, as human beings, differs and varies.

Like both the white light and seven notes of musical is our life which is a combination of various needs; bread, knowledge, relationships among us, love, security, faith, and so forth.

In the dictionary the noun “human being” has one meaning; any living or extinct member of the humane family. And, this word has many synonyms homo, man, and human.

Viewing man in relation to the larger picture, he needs food to support and keep his physical form and strength to be able to perform different actions at different planes on the stage of the life. But, we get here a question poses itself “Is the bread the only thing needed for the man to maintain his existence in this life?” This can be the only need of any being on this earth except the human being. Our body in this life is only an organ of dealing with the surroundings and the tool to reach the holly purposes behind our existence.

As the body is in need for bread, the mind is in need for bread, too. But what are the ingredients for the mind's bread. The recipe for this bread is a mixture of knowledge from various sciences, experiences of different societies, and cultural backgrounds, added to that some spices presented in the personal experiences. Man can find that all in books, magazines, newspapers, TV programs, and so forth.

Life is everywhere and we live in an ocean of it. This ocean contains various things. One of them is our relationship among us as human beings, which is the skeleton of life, without it life would be shapeless. Being in touch with others, man increases the amount of his experiences, develops himself, and feels better helping others. Moreover, being in contact with others, man can feel and share the sense of love.

This magic feeling gives everyone the energy to go on in this life. Experiencing such feeling from or towards others helps us to encounter life's difficulties, hardships, and obstacles. Such feeling is the thing that mostly drives us to scarify for the sake of others without counting the conclusion of what we are doing. Talking about life, we are not talking only about the love between man and woman that leads to marriage or making any kind of relationship. No, we are talking about the love with its various spectrums.

Then, when we all are sharing such sublime feeling, we get the inner sense of life. As a result of this one, the sense of security born in our souls, which is the other feeling that should be felt to maintain an acceptable level of an atmosphere where we can live in as human beings. Man is always in need for a stable social surrounding to be capable to keep pace with every thing in our life.

Then, we come across another question which is what our spiritual heritage is or rather what the soul of the skeleton or the body of our life is. Certainly, it is our faith. It is the system that leads our life ahead, answers our inquiries, and finds out all the mysterious matters in this material world.

Further, it is the thing, once it is lost inside anyone of us, we may drink, move, eat, and do several things but in reality we are dead. These are some of the colors and the musical tones – bread, knowledge, relationships, love, security, and faith – of the rainbow of our life.