Muslims don’t hate Christians [Archives:2003/674/Letters to the Editor]

October 6 2003

Wathik Ahmed al Samawi, Yemen
[email protected]

As a Muslim person, I assure that we, Muslims don't hate Christianity, like some Christians visualize. Conversely, we like Christians anywhere in this world. In fact ,I have so many American friends with whom I have got along wonderfully regardless of their religion. We totally realize that many, not all, Americans are wise, open-minded, well-educated, act against erupting disputes between Islam and Christianity for ridiculous reasons. But, unfortunately, it's obvious that Americans, in general, have a negative image and biased attitude towards Islam and Muslims. To put it more obviously, they try to ascribe any terrorism or barbarous acts to us even if we are innocent and no blame attached to us. The way that Muslims are mistreated and discriminated against, especially in the States, reflects that. Islam and Christianity are great and esteemed religions if we know how to carry out and follow their valuable and precious instructions. But, and for some evil purposes, we stir up problems and then attribute them to our religions.