Muslims should change their ways [Archives:2004/783/Letters to the Editor]

October 21 2004

Don Balto
[email protected]

It might be interesting for Hilal Banisad Abnisad to note that many of us in the U.S. are not happy with the “war” that is being waged by our country in Iraq. For all of our errors however, oil is not our only reason for waging such wars. In Somalia (where there is no oil,) we sent our military in a failed effort to help the starving Moslems in that country, who were suffering at the hands of their own people – other Moslems. In Eastern Europe (where there is no oil) we sent military units to protect Moslems from other, non-Moslem members of the population, who were bent on destroying the Moslem citizenry. Yet, just recenlty your “Iraqi freedom fighters” have set off a bomb that killed 34 Iraqi children.
Another example of Islamic justice? And what was your response to the thousands killed in New York and Washington, on September 11th? What we saw was Moslems cheering in the streets. When bombs fall in Iraq, there is no cheering here; we take no joy in the suffering of others.
The sub-human rejoicing at death, by your culture and that is recorded by your own news media makes it far easier for Westerners to fear your holy wars, and fall prey to the propaganda that the U.S. government projects.
Were your people willing to talk, rather than immediately and continually kill anyone that does not share their own, precise beliefs, our people would be far less willing to let the tovernment take the initiative that has brought us to the circumstances that have occurred, in Iraq.
As long as Moslems and Middle Eastern peoples act in the ways they do, in treating life so cheaply, please do not lecture anyone about murder.