My heart’s demand [Archives:2007/1109/Community]

December 6 2007

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Behind the mounds,

Among the mountains,

A far cry

On the moon's ground.

Extending its wings

To the bird's land,

Hugging the scent of Rosa Eglantaria,

Composing the bouquet of Rosa “Natalia.”

What a glamorous, glamorous aria!

Right now, I hear

The cheers of happiness surround.

What an awe-inspiring song

Inward of my soul and mind.

Bringing to bear

The tunes of the bees' ballet,

Shading the crack of dawn

In blond and brown.

Getting around my heart's hometown,

The sunlight calling rainy clouds

To fill all my eagerness' sand

Before the beats of love,

Falling down

Since time began.

My favorite color that

I rummage around for,

Only in her shining eyes

Can be found.

Yet again,

To be my time's sword,

To be in life and end,

My first and last word.

Let me hear your soul's rebound

Or haul me to your faith's core,

To always feel happy and warm

To settle down my storm's roar.

Once your whispers swim in my blood,

The current of oceans' rumba be so glad.

In your eyes' lea,

I wish I could live safe and free.

What's more,

To be my real home and country

From the ancient time.

You're the one I'm looking for.

Nothing remains pure,

Only your love,

Which I can save or store.

So please, my dream,

Come, come closer to my soul's land.

This is my heart's only demand.