“My minimum programme”, as President of India [Archives:2007/1090/Letters to the Editor]

October 1 2007

Rajendra K. Aneja
Pb 29016, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone: xx 971 50 624 1083
[email protected]’,0,’1) Milk: Each family will be given 1 liter of milk daily free. Milk is a basic food, has many nutrients, which enables the growth of the body and the mind.

2) Internet: Free Internet connection to all households. This will motivate citizens to explore the latest developments across the world.

3) Phone: Free Mobile connection to every rural family. Rural areas can be groomed to provide an excellent quality of living. If the facilities of the urban areas are available in the villages, migration and over-crowding in the cities will be arrested.

4) Taxes: Tax-free country e.g. UAE and Singapore. This will stop cheating and evasion. We will earn revenues through exports, technology and financial services.

5) Gandhiji: Mahatma Gandhi’s Autobiography “My Experiences with Truth” free copy to every family. This book enshrines fundamental principles of living a good and useful life. It is secular in nature.

6) Sports: Free coaching classes in tennis, squash, karate and golf, so that we generate sports stars for the future. Gymnasiums can be used free, across the country.

7) Hygiene: Toothpaste will be given free to all children below the age of 15 and deodorants will be given free to all workers who work in the sun.

8) Literacy: Free notebook and pens will be distributed to each household to incentives them to write, and thus improve literacy.

9) Language Class: Free language class for people who learn another language, other than their mother tongue, e.g. people from Tamil Nadu can learn Hindi and a Punjabi can learn Malayalam.

10) Water: Processed water will be free in the country. This is the minimum, we owe to citizens.

11) Cinema: Free cinema shows, will run throughout the day in designated theatres and people can walk in and watch movies free of cost. Daily living is stressful, so a little cinema at the end of the day, can provide relaxation.”

[Archives:2007/1090/Letters to the Editor]”