My wish for the year 2007 [Archives:2007/1013/Letters to the Editor]

January 4 2007

Mohsen Alemad
[email protected]

Locally, I wish from Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful to protect our land, people and president from vicious men, vampires, vandalize men, corrupters and corruptive men as well as, I hope from our bighearted H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh, the pioneer of the modern wake of Yemen and the maker of achievement to put end to the injustice, oppression, lack of security, discrimination, unsecured pay, low wages, unequal opportunities, witlings and damaged medical, social, educational and economical situations.

All the nations know that the great men command all respect and you are the commander of these people, which you can correct the above mentioned points by:

1. Put the able men and women in the right positions instead of out positions

2. To give the important posts according to the scientific bases to help and promote the rising generation according to modern scientific bases and modern technology

3. Rebuild our damaged medical, dental conditions suffering from strange customs, Gresham's law.

Frankly, we need well-qualified men and women in the important posts who are deeply involved in people's lives and problems. We need physicians who attempt to return the human right message to render a great service and to fight forcefully against “know-it-all in one week” medical delegations from abroad either for operations or for teaching. And old curricula and teaching programs in our universities which become unique education in either developed or developing countries as well as fighting for:

1. Revision committees to review and monitor license and govern the national certifying board for special area of medical and dental practice

2. Selecting a head to any specialist groups in every governorate (Head physician)

3. Presidencies (Chairmanships) medical and dental committees to all specialist groups

4. Advisory committee compose of representations of various branches (more than 34)

5. Compulsory registration centers in the all governorate

6. Rehabilitation centers (regional)

7. Compulsory vocational training, refreshment training and periodic courses

8. Foundation universities for medical and dental hospitals

9. Only specialists in the private sector could be granted license

10. Annual monitoring, control activities for the Yemeni Drugs Fund and authorities

With the forenamed, in my opinion and in good faith, we will remain in the bondage of backwardness, ignorance, superstitions, outside time and history.

Regionally, I hope from all Arabic leaders to attempt and attend to their conscience to rescue the glory of this great nation and benefit from the history, which usually repeats itself.

On the international, my wish is that all countries will help each other to raise their standard of living and make full use of their raw materials, while maintaining the right to become independent according to the UN charter. I also hope the UN to become the one place where all countries can discus all their problems instead of the White House and its Vito power. Imperialism and evil should be ended and all countries must help each other to get rid of foreign control. I wish from strong countries to respect the freedom of other countries and not interfere in its national affairs.