Nadia Mohsin, again [Archives:2005/898/Letters to the Editor]

November 28 2005

Monica Udras
[email protected]

I have been following news about Nadia Muhsen. And I know that your newspaper is controlled by kind of power. So I'm not angry to you.

I just can't sleep many nights now, I'm only thinking and thinking about her.

There is nothing to even talk about – Nadia's husband can prove Nadia's words only by taking her (with children!!!!!) to England to vacation and let her free in there for 1 month. If she was talking the truth, she go back to Yemen.

Because of this beg big conflict between West and East, many people in West read Quran to can understand the East. But the result of reading Quran is understanding Islam – it mean we can see the ugly way many people use the Quran in East. By reading Qhoran, this beautiful Book, we can see sad facts about reality.

I just waned to say for Yemen government, as I wish to say to USA government, and to many governments around the world, that admitting mistakes is very brave act and any government which do it, deserve a lot of respect. And goverments, which dare to fix things, deserve great honour in eyes of whole world.

Please, please, please, can you make justice?