naive US citizens [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Dimis A.
[email protected]

For some unknown reason the American public learn in early stages to be hypocrites. From one side they support the war now and from the other side, they choose to use no violent means next time around. (Fox-news, poll).
Is it because they know better? Is it because they try to be politically correct? No one really knows…
The war on Iraq is only just an ambition and a reflection of the business “approach” of the US government. They will lie to their own people, just like they lie to you, every day, anyway. They call this, politics. Remember Reagan? He was selling weapons to his enemies so they can fight him back. “Iran-Contra” affair they called at the time. How about G. Bush and his little ring of oil exploration company, who stopped the war in the Gulf, because the idea of taking Saddam out at that time, was not profitable, since Saudi Arabia would not buy Patriot missiles anymore 'cause they wouldn't need them. In the mean time, he put the US in a depression for 4 years, although at the same time, Israel had its annual US tax payers check, for the amount of 20-30 billion dollars….
It is a comic/tragic situation with this group of people (The elite, the powerful) that makes the world to look like a puppet show.
And we (the people) obey, pay, pray and like damn oxes, we follow his masters voice.
Some Americans are so dumb that they ask themselves: Why they hate us?
Taking into account that the average American doesn't know where Iraq is, he has been patronized enough through media's propaganda, to support a war which is fought under the banner “liberation”. Americans think that they are a “free” country. They (the government) told them so. It is so free, that if you are protesting in the side of the street, you will go to jail if you do not have…written, paid, permission! And that's ok!
They call that “law”! No one knows (common people), how and when a law is passed, or who wrote it and why!
You wake up one morning and you see it on TV or you read it in the newspaper.
I will not carry on with the “liberties” that we enjoy everyday in the US, but I feel sad when we are going to export these “liberties” to other nations with 4000 years of history!
George Bush Jr., wants to make sure that we don't run out of oil for our 1 billion automobiles that we move everyday!
Saddam would be history if CIA wanted him so. But then, where is the excuse?
Did you notice how Powell replied to the request for letting the UN take care the business after the war is over? His answer was: “We didn't go through this trouble for UN to take over!” That says it all!
'Sorrys, regrets and apologies for the loss of Iraqi people are like “everyday donuts”…we make them, eat them and excrete them!
So, don't get confused about how's and why's.
One day, all common people, all over the world, they will understand why we are here, and forget who wants us to be here and who doesn't. Enough said.