(Nasserite Unionist Party) [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

Main Headlines: 1) New Armed Attacks to Terrorize Judges in Taiz 2) Families of Youths Detained After Football Riot in Mukalla Threaten to Stage Protest Demonstration 3) MPs Call Interior Minister to Resign for Admitting Additional Numbers of Students to Police Academy Irrespective of Academic Achievement 4) Libya to Employ Yemeni Teachers and Doctors Article Summary: Transfer of Teachers by: Saeed Al-Jaafri A number of teachers in Taiz have complained that a recent spate of teacher replacements were conducted according to partisan allegiances. The teachers’ partisan activity during the last elections was taken as the criteria for transferring teachers within the governorate, it was alleged. Teachers not belonging to the Islah or the PGC were obstructed in their efforts to be transferred. The transfers were controlled by a joint Islah-PGC committee at the education bureau in Taiz.