National Cultural Youth Center for youths organizes event Training for human rights [Archives:2002/45/Local News]

November 4 2002

TAIZ – Students at Yemeni universities have taken part in the first training course for human rights and political participation.
The Oct. 26 to 31 event was organized by the National Cultural Center for Youths.
The training course was sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the British Cultural Council, and the Women’s Forum for Researches and Studies.
In this regard, Ameen Addoba’ee, the Program Manager said the program was to teach participants about basic notions and principles of human rights.
“A number of lectures revolved around the historical development of human rights and the setback resulting from the September 11 terrorist attacks, including its resulting economical, social, and political impacts,” Addoba’ee said..
Abdullah Abdul Elah, Manager of the National Cultural Center for Youths, told The Yemen Times that about 40 students from Yemeni universities took part. “This training course is considered to be a beginning towards establishing a very strong base of youth capable of participating in the democratic process and development,” the manager said.
Manal Abdussalam, a female participant at the National Cultural Youth Center for raising legal awareness, said she had made use of such training courses as they relate to rights guaranteed by the constitution and law.
Ibraheem A. Ashara’abi, a university student said, “During this course I have learnt many things including the basic notions of the human rights.”
“This has of course broadened my horizons for knowing all there is to know about the basic rights. Life without real practice rights is not life,” he added.
The National Cultural Youth Center is a non-governmental organization founded in Taiz in 1997 and spares no efforts for raising awareness among youths.