Never expected behavior of Al-Thawrah hospital employee’Sorry, no need for journalists here!’ [Archives:2003/667/Opinion]

September 11 2003

By Abduh M. Assabri
Yemen Times Staff
[email protected]

Tough-worded language is muttered, new faces completely converted, signs of contempt appeared on their foreheads, eyebrows frowned disapprovingly and people have been still living in a state of suspicion whispering to each other, “We are still doubting him!”
“Sorry no need for journalists here,”
This is the state of a secretary at the training section at Athawrah hospital on September 7 when I was on a mission to cover a training course held for the hospital's staff.
I was taken aback by a female secretary's behavior, “Sorry no need for journalists here,”
I didn't expect such behavior verbalized by a female secretary at the reception office.
All of us know that reception offices reflect the positive aspect of any institution. I don't need her smiles or get involved in dallies. At least, a sense of respect and good behavior should be there.
They are like mirrors reflecting the positive aspect and admired image of the institution where they work. We do really respect female employees when performing their jobs in a complete but honest manner. I'm not going to blame this female employee for having bad-temper and rude behavior.
But the question, which poses itself, is why do people perceive journalists in this way? Why are they treated with contempt?
All of us know the status of the Al-Thawrah Hospital. We didn't expect such bad behavior from their secretaries. If this is the state of the robust and healthy people, what about patients, how do they treat them?
We perhaps see with our own eyes hundreds of unbehaved female employees. They don't have a sense of reverence or respect to visitors.
No sense of polite behavior or good moral is shown.
Perhaps be they are in need for a training course in good morals and good behavior.
Offices where female employees work, turn to be market-like places. We can liken those places as that of swarm cells.
Only women's giggling is heard from a distance as if they were in a theatre where a comedy play is performed. This is the state of some Yemeni female employees.
There are of course female employees, who deserve to be termed as “the salt of the earth,”
They are an exemplary of true good morals and there is no room to talk here about them.
As the verb goes saying, “Brevity is the soul of wit”.