New Japanese Assistance to Yemen [Archives:1998/48/Local News]

November 30 1998

On November 26th, 1998, Japanese Ambassador Akira Hoshi and Planning and Development Minister Ahmed Mohamed Soufan signed and exchanged notes according to which the Japanese government will grant Yemen 650 million yen. 
The money, roughly equivalent to US$ 5.4 million, will be used to purchase fertilizers, agricultural machinery and other equipment in order to increase food production, in particular, and agricultural development, in general. 
Japan has provided to Yemen 17 such grants in the past totalling over US$ 66 million. 
On another level, about 230,000 vials (4,600,000 doses) of oral polio vaccines were donated by the government of Japan to support Yemen’s Expanded Immunization Program. Governing nearly half of the vaccine requirements for the National Immunization Days (NIDs), the government of Japan has supported Yemen with nearly US $340,000.