New Names in the List of The Ripper’s Victims Revealed [Archives:2000/23/Law & Diplomacy]

June 5 2000

In the second session of the Secretariat Court of Appeal held last Monday, the suspect morgue assistant, Mohammed Adam, confessed to killing:
Students of Medicine:
1- Hossn Ahmad Attaiah, 29/4/99
2- Zainab Saoud, 13/2/99
3- Arwa Jamaladdin Hassan
4- Abeer Abdul Jabbar Bashraheel
5- Amirah
6- Nada Yasin Mohammed Saeed, October 98
7- Rabi’ah Mohammed Hashem
1- Fatima Omar Al-Mokhtar 11/11/99
2- Yasmin Mohammed Ahmad Al-Sabahi 1/1/2000
3- Shahinaz
4- Lool Abdullah
The suspect also mentioned five names that he claimed to be from the college of Medicine. However the names were not found in the list of students even among the graduates. These names are:
1-Azhar Ahmad Hassan Rajeh
2- Hassna Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ezzi
3- lamia Ali Abdullah
4- Maiasah Mohammed Al-Dhamari
5- Bushra Ali Ahmad Abdullah
The suspect said that he killed 16 girls in Sudan, one of whom was forcibly drowned in the Nile river. One of his friends was killed in a forest, one in his house and the rest were killed in Al-Khartoum Hospital. Adam said that there was still worse to tell, referring to those crimes he committed in Kuwait, Chad and Africa.
The prosecution accused the suspect of the following:
1- Kidnapping Hossn Ahmad Attaiah, raping her, cutting her body into pieces and hiding them in the morgue sewage.
2- Kidnapping Zainab Aziz Saoud, killing and cutting her into pieces.
3- Kidnapping 4 girls from the college of medicine, raping and killing them.
4- Kidnapping a number of girls that are still identified who were lured to the morgue room to have sex with them and kill them.
5- drinking
The suspect confessed that he had committed all the accusations against him.
Board of advocates of the victims’ families demanded that the case be back to the prosecution to complete investigations which the prosecution itself said it was not completed.
” Since the prosecution said that the interrogations have not finished, especially after the suspect revealed the names of his accomplices, the case must go bake to the prosecution,” said advocate Ismaeel Attaiah.
On the other hand, advocate Al-Dailami demanded interrogation of the suspect’s accomplices and the college security.
” Interrogation must go one because the suspect said that the dean of the college authorized him to bury a number of bodies from which some organs were taken and which Adam denied having sold,” Al-Al-Dailami added.
Moreover, he asked for interrogation with the dean of the college, the security guards and the criminal investigation which freed the suspect although he was proved guilty of taking bribes.
Advocate Al-Baghdadi said that the suspect’s confessions demanded more careful investigation in order to unravel the whole plot. He also referred to the fact that the suspect used to work for 5 universities, Sana’a University, Dhamar University, Taiz University, National University and the university of Science and Technology.
The report of the medical jurisprudence says that the way the organs have been taken from the victims’ bodies is of a specialist. The report also said that the bodies were cut by electric saws, not by the devices mentioned by the suspect and that the bodies were not melted by acid but they were rather burnt.
The suspect confessed to selling five bodies to The University of Science and Technology, two bodies to University of Applied Sciences and one to Dhamar University.
The suspect referred many times to the disarray of the college that gave him the chance to carry out his evil deeds. He said that he used to take whatsoever chemical substances he needed from the store and when he needed more he brought hem from outside the college on the account of the college.
Oddly enough, he said that one of the professors of the college caught him red handed while cutting one of the victim’s bodies. However, instead of reporting that he made a deal with him to sell the body organs of the victims. He also said that he used to rape and kill only and that he did not sell anything.
At the end of the session the court decided to hand over the body of Zainab to her family to be buried in her home, Iraq and postponed the session to 3/6/00.

Third Session of Adam’s Trial
Sana’a Court of Appeal held the third sitting on Saturday June 3, 2000, considered to be the most important session. Mohammed Adam denied that he raped and killed 16 girls in Yemen. He only confessed of killing two girls; Zainab Aziz, Iraqi national and Hossn Ahmed Attiah, Yemeni national.
Hossn’s family who are from Hamdan tribe, 20kms far from the capital created big fuss and anger inside court at the beginning of the court session. They left the court in protest, for they had demanded to have Adam’s accomplices in his crimes be brought to court to stand trial, whomsoever they were, whether from the Medicine College or from the criminal investigation.
The lawyer of the victim’s family, Mr. Abbas Addailami has also walked out of the trial. There are also another act of anger and protest made by Zainab’s uncle, who after ten minutes of the trial shouted at the face of the judge and slapped one of the Sudanese, who is working as an officer in the Sudanese embassy in Sana’a. At that moment, security men arrested him and locked him in the court’s jail.
The surprising thing is that some girls whose names were mentioned as victims, were alive and not killed. One of those girls is Nada Yassein Mohammed Saeed, 30 years old. Her features looked to be different from those of her picture published in newspapers. What she has said is also different from what her family said, especially about the time of her disappearance.
The lawyer of Zainab’s family, Mr. Abdulaziz Al- Baqdadi considered the hugging between Nada and her aunt as a farce aimed at detouring the trial course and moving the public sentiments.
Adam who claimed in the last session that he had killed Nada and was sure about he picture, denied his previous story, and when the judge asked him why he had lied, he replied he had not been quite sure. Regarding the killing of Zainab and Hossn, Adam said: “I committed a big mistake, and I confess it.”.
The report of the committee charged with preparing its detailed report on the morgue and dead bodies, pointed out that there were some fresh parts of dead bodies. On his own part, Mohammed Adam said that there were five women bodies inside the morgue. One of them was brought from Athawrah Hospital in a legal way for study purposes at the faculty and other two bodies were brought from the Somali refugees camp in Hareeb- Shabwah, and then they were handed back to their families. The other two bodies were those of Zainab and Hossn. Adam denied the report which was prepared be the technical committee about the dead bodies found in the morgue. This report was prepared by the prosecution. Moreover, Adam denied giving interviews to any newspaper.
On the other hand, lawyer Jamal’edeen Al-Adeemi, the lawyer for Medicine College students and as the chairman of freedoms and rights committee called for holding accountable the officials who are responsible for the university administration and security. This is still a mysterious crime. No one knows the fact until now.