New world body in view of Veto-cracy of U.N.! [Archives:2006/1003/Letters to the Editor]

November 30 2006

By: Hem Raj Jain
Dwarka, New Delhi

The problem of veto and the inhuman attitude of the present United Nations vis-a-vis Palestinian problem can be solved only when:

A) Truly secular polices are followed by U.N. One fails to understand that why the people in Israel and Palestine (Jews & Muslims) cannot live together in one country? It was a blunder to have conceived different countries on the basis of different religions.

B) Either U.N. is revamped and Veto-less U.N. is reconstituted (or another such world body comes into existence) on the basis of ideology reduced to legal form for the enforcement of Human Rights based on the dignity, freedom & liberty of all the human beings on the concept of international sovereignty in contrast to national sovereignty.

But international sovereignty can be exercised and it means something, only when it realizes:

1) International sovereignty is basically commitment to non-violence and is the result of scientific mind which characterizes the confident contemporary mankind, immensely empowered by mind blowing advancement in science and technology thus ridding it of the fear of nature and of uncertainties of subsistence.

2) Any sovereignty is not confined to merely civil activities and measures of state through police and administration but essentially depends on ultimate exercise of martial power (all the three armed forces of land, air and marine).

3) International sovereignty means nothing if there is no international body like the U.N. to exercise this sovereignty with the constitutional consent and its mandated help of international armed forces contributed by the member states themselves.

4) International sovereignty is a democratic legal system whereas national sovereignty is an imperialist political system.

Though U.N. was constituted precisely on the principle of international sovereignty, but the U.N. has defeated its entire purpose by:

1) The greed and over optimism of bringing all the countries under one umbrella without realizing that first of all international sovereignty will have to fight against national sovereignty for its survival.

2) Making the mess of HR by incorporating political and other cheap populist rights in various covenants of the U.N. with its member states.

3) By not giving any importance to the enforcement of HR.