News in brief [Archives:2006/975/Local News]

August 24 2006


Fire starts in market place for unknown reasons

Aug. 22 ) Cloth stores in Crater were mostly burned after a 3 hour fire. Staffers and local citizens complained that there were no fire extinguishers or masks available and the whole neighborhood was in danger. An eye witness said the locals tried to extinguish the fire and an electrician who was passing by rushed to cut the power from the flaming building so as to minimize the danger.


40 inmates register at university

Aug. 23 ) Sana'a University accepted the registration of 40 prisoners at the Sana'a's Central Prison for the academic year 2006/2007. The university president said the university drew a plan to consider the situation of these prisoners, in order to enable them to be integrated in society and contribute in the future. The university selected law, commerce and art as the faculties for their study:.


22.5 billion dollars for development in Dhamar

Aug. 23 ) The Social Fund for Development implemented 310 projects between 2000 and 2006 with a total of US$22,383,834 in Dhamar alone. The projects are mainly in education, water and health. There are currently 145 ongoing projects with total of USD13,247,404.


Early Childhood Center Opens

Aug. 21) An early childhood development center was opened on Sunday in Dar Saad district by chairperson of Dar Saad local council and Triangle Organization Representative in Yemen. The center is for the development of children in their early ages, and to encourage their creative activities in the district, as well as to provide birth certificates for poor families.


Damages in Ahwar districts after rainfall

Aug. 21 ) The high intensity of rainfall in Ahwar district damaged agricultural areas, valleys and small water barriers. The runoff eroded Ahwar wadi and extended to Ambasti village and then to Aden Gulf. The agricultural areas did not benefit from this rainfall for water supply to the drought and desert areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Local council plan to rehabilitate Fouad dam to harvest rainfall for irrigation in the drought seasons.


Workshop on the risks of joining WTO

Aug. 21 ) The Yemeni Human Rights Monitoring Center in cooperation with the Arabic Network for Developmental NGOs organized a workshop concerning the social and economical impact of WTO conventions in Yemen yesterday. This workshop was conducted during the quick movement of Arab countries to join WTO and signing bilateral conventions with USA and EU. The workshop highlighted the absence of civil organizations, specialists and academics and the lack of complete understanding of WTO policies and its effects on the countries that don't have safety mechanisms for the strategic and national sectors regarding open competition and strict global standards.


Sea environment protected in Bir Ali

Aug. 22 ) The Ministry of Fishery issued a decree to close between Bir Ali to Dhrbah Area to costal fishery boats in its effort to protect the aquatic organisms. The penalties will be applied for those who do not comply with the decree starting from yesterday Aug 23 until further notice.


37 handicapped get training

Aug. 23 ) A training course on secretariat, computer and literacy started on Aug 21 for 37 handicapped female and male by Handicap Rehabilitation Association and Social Office in governorate. The governor emphasized the importance of integrating handicapped people in society after training and rehabilitation. This training aims at improving their livelihood opportunities, and the governor asked businessmen to support the program.