Nightly Rains Add to Misery of Earthquake Survivors [Archives:2006/952/Letters to the Editor]

June 5 2006

Islamic Relief USA
[email protected]

Nightly rains since Saturday's earthquake in Indonesia have added to the despair of the countless injured and homeless residents of the affected region. According to the United Nations, more than 40% of the injured and homeless are children.

With the death toll surpassing 6,000 and over 647,000 people being displaced as a result of the disaster, survivors are desperate for any shelter, food aid, and medical treatment they can receive.

Islamic Relief has mobilized 400 family-sized tents from Pakistan to provide shelter to victims living in the open. Islamic Relief's millions of dollars of aid contributions include a shipment of a 747 cargo plane carrying over 200,000 pounds of much-needed first aid kits, medical equipment, and hygiene kits, among other items.