Nightmare [Archives:2008/1165/Community]

June 19 2008

By: Mohammed Hejash
[email protected]

The night was cold, as the stars were gone somewhere, but there was a lot of unnatural light coming from the street lamps. The man calmly parked his car by the sidewalk and went into his apartment. His day had been totally exhausting. He immediately removed his business wear and had his usual shower. Then, he went straight to bed, laying his head peacefully upon his pillow.

“Why can't I sleep?” he thought. “Business! Business is all I think about! I'm going insane!” he said to himself. He attempted to relax, even for just a short time. He had slept last night, but only after taking some pills, so he decided to take them again. “Oh, wait man

Suddenly, it was morning and everyone was rushing out for work. Had he slept enough? “You look tired. Stay home,” his wife urged him. “No, I'm fine. I gotta run my business. Who else will do it?” he said as he ate his usual breakfast and then left quickly.

“May God keep you safe,” his wife wanted to tell him, but unfortunately, he heard nothing. Driving crazily due to the horrible pressure of his work, the man sped in his car because he wanted to get there early.

However, it was hard getting through the heavy traffic. “Man, move aside! You're making me late! I need to be at work in five minutes,” the man shouted at the other driver. He started acting insanely and childishly, his speed climbing higher and higher

Suddenly, another car turned, which made him swerve to the wrong side and there – Boooooooom! “Ooouch!” he awoke groaning and feeling pain. He found himself on the floor; he had fallen out of bed. “Are you ok?” his wife quickly asked him. “Oh es am,” he replied.