Nightmarish news [Archives:2006/960/Letters to the Editor]

July 3 2006

Abdulkreem Al-Awage
[email protected]

It was a request of my mother, my wife, and my children to switch off the TV. It was news time on, Al-Jazeera and CNN. It was not an amazing request really, because I understood what they meant quickly. Watching the news means spending a night full with nightmares. A Palestinian family killed in cool. Hundreds of dead in Iraq. Bloody clashes in Somalia. Confrontations in Sudan. Killing in Afghanistan. Threatening Iran over its nuclear program while other countries have nuclear bombs. Unemployment, corruption, the false democracy adopted in the Arab world, the tyranny of Arab leaders, and the tyranny of the developed countries over the underdeveloped ones.

The request had to be taken into consideration. I asked my mother “Why should we switch the television off now?” She replied “You see the killing in Palestine, Iraq,

Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and all over the Arabic and Islamic worlds. The crying of

mothers and children give me nightmares. It is so difficult to see all these catastrophes and not feel a great sadness. My son, don't the Arabic and Islamic leaders see what we see on TV?”