No salaries for Hodeidah teachers [Archives:2003/653/Letters to the Editor]

July 24 2003

Abdulwahhab Abdulqawi Al-Sofi
[email protected]

Teachers have not yet received June's salaries in Hodeidah province. It is now 19th July. Teachers are used to receive salary after 45 days. In other words, the month in Hodeidah province consists of 45 days. Yet, we are obliged to accept it but this month, July, has come and 50 days have passed without salary. We are very worried that this case may develop to be worse resulting in salary payments after 60 days.
It is not only miserable but it is really disastrous. The time that teachers are waiting for their salaries on tenterhooks to pay back the heavy debts, rents, etc. is being stretched beyond endurance. The salaries are delayed 10 days more than usual. When are we going to receive our salaries at the end of the month not in the middle of the next month?
The expensive living costs are killing us in our beloved country in which the government perhaps enjoys torturing its teachers. They may want to use the Arabic proverb, “Make your dog hungry to follow you constantly.” What is the final arbiter to solve this Herculean task? Can't we receive our salaries at the end of the month like all others?