No Somalia support from Saleh [Archives:2007/1021/Letters to the Editor]

February 1 2007

Abi Mohame
[email protected]

“No matter if Ethiopia invaded Somalia,'' Ali Abdallah Salih, the president of Yemen.

This was reportedly said by President Saleh in an interview with Emarites Al-Bayan Newspaper.

This statement reminded me the late '70s when Somali waged war against the Ethiopians and had captured the entire western Somalia and the Ethiopians were defeated irreparably by the brave Somali army. The Russians had declared war against Somalia. The history has in record that the then Southern Yemen sided with the Russians and sent tanks and fighter jets and troops to back the defeated Ethiopians.

Now, when all the Muslim world and some non-Muslim countries have condemned the Ethiopian aggression and its invasion of Somalia, what made Saleh support Ethiopia against Somalia? Is there enmity between Yemeni and Somali people? Have Yemenis grudges against us? Have you any scores against us? Why?