NODRF urgesSaleh to investigatehostages problem [Archives:2004/774/Local News]

September 20 2004

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (NODRF) demanded President Ali Abdullah Saleh order an investigation into the problem of holding citizens as hostages, and order the Political Security Organization (intelligence) to respect law. The NODRF urged Saleh to order the release of Radfan, Jamal, and Aref al-Madari and Fadhal Ali Mansur who are being held in Aden as hostages to pressurize their brother, Yaser Ali Salem al-Maderi, to surrender to the authorities. “Mr. President, you know that the hostage system is one of the wrongdoings of the dead Imamate regime, we are to observe the occasion of bringing it to an end during the coming few days,” the letter said in its address to Saleh. It also confirmed that this behavior is internationally prohibited. It pointed out that the law does not permit the detention of any arrestee for more than 24 hours before he/she is charged. The letter asserted that the intelligence apparatus conducts investigations in ways that are against the law, adding that these security organizations will lose the legitimacy of their work once they break the law themselves and behave like criminals. The NODRF demanded an investigation into these issues as well as the release of those people who were arrested in a way that does not conform to the law and constitution.