Nomani misleads Friday prayers [Archives:2005/828/Letters to the Editor]

March 28 2005

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The woman behind the campaign for mixed-gender Friday prayers led by a lady, is Asra Q. Nomani, an author and former journalist at the Wall Street Journal.

In a programme televised by Al-Jazeera on March 18, Asra Nomani defended the right of a Muslim woman to share the bed with whomever she likes, as she has done by example, and is now promoting the idea in her book.

Her father was shown on the programme playing with the child that Asra Nomani has given birth to, outside of wedlock.

Whether her father was proud of her permissiveness or she was proud of her father's upbringing style, this is none of our business and normally, no Muslim would like to interfere into what is happening in private households. But if they try to spill their moral decay into the Muslim society by campaigning for it and by using Friday prayers as a smokescreen, in promotion of their unethical lifestyle, then it is a cause of concern for the entire Muslim community.

Amina Wadud herself, who led the Friday prayers, has confessed publicly that at times one has to say “no” to the Qur'an and that she is in favour of same sex marriages.

On Al-Jazeera programme Asra Nomani also said that if the Prophet's wife Ayesha could lead the Muslim army on the Camel, why can't a Muslim woman lead men in Friday prayers?

It is no coincidence that all the heretical groups in recent history got promoted in America. In this case, whoever is standing behind this open challenge to the Sunnah of the blessed Prophet, has started the ball rolling for Judaisation and Christianisation of Islam.

The matter is not going to end here. If Muslims keep quiet, then it will have very wide ramifications. These renegades are seeking direct answers from the Qur'an only, such as, the Qur'an does not say that a woman cannot lead Friday prayers.

The next thing they might question is that the Qur'an does not tell us to pray the way we are praying.