Non-Isaaqi Somalis have a say too [Archives:2005/804/Letters to the Editor]

January 6 2005

Omar Adam
[email protected]

Mr Ali Toosane, is a tribalist, and the only reason he is calling Somaliland a “clan-state” is because the so-called Somaliland administration is purely an Isaaq government. Isaaq one of the clans live in northern Somalia, mainly Hargeisa and Barbara, they only make up about 28% (other clans who makeup 72% oppose strongly so-called Somaliland and support united Somalia).

Somaliland myth was invented by some Isaaqi men “power Hungary” to create a government dominated by Isaaq clan (since Isaaq's are a minority in Somalia). These men were tribalists and were oppressed. Recognizing Somaliland is a extremely dangerous, it will create more genocides by Isaaqs against other clans who live in northern Somalia, never ending civil wars, and more border conflicts with Somalia.

Another fact is that the so-called Somaliland authority is only popular and in control in Hargeisa and Barbara. What's more tragic is that the so-called Somaliland government is illegitimate and wages constant aggressive wars on all regions in northern Somalia and non-Isaaq clans. So-called Somaliland government vigorously follows bad policies like ethnic cleansing and genocide against non-Isaaq clans.

Non-Isaaq clans believe that if Somalia is divisible, than so-called Somaliland is divisible. This will create eight small independent nations in northern Somalia, for example, Awdal Republic, Hargeisa Republic, Barbara Republic, Burco Republic, Buhoodle Republic, Sool Republic, Las-Anod Republic, and Sanaag Republic.

Recognizing Somaliland's administration is only legitimizing it as a final solution against all non-Isaaqi clans, and would incite more violence and instability in an already volatile region.