Nostalgia to Arabian Felix [Archives:2003/661/Letters to the Editor]

August 21 2003

Osama Ali Ata Al Manan, UAE
[email protected]

First of all let me describe my feelings and nostalgia to Yemen, the good land of happy nature. I had the chance to visit and work in Republic of Yemen, in Al Mahweet, Sana'a in particular as a translator and computer with Abdullah Ahmed Al Sunaidar For Trading. Yemen to me is most blessed country, where God has bestowed it with unique, wonderful and amazing mountainous nature. I will never forget my days at Al Asabei and Malahn areas where I spent one year there. It is really an unforgettable experience. I found Yemenis to be peaceful, helpful and good natured people, who care for foreigners let alone their brothers from Arab countries.
I want to walk all the lanes of the old Sana'a city, to see the first skyscrapers in history, which are the witness of the gandeous civilization of Yemen architecture. I wand to have hot tea near the silver and gold market, meet friends and talk to them and retrieve my three years in Old Sana'a city.
I had been a regular reader of Yemen Times. So could you please build a website that illustrates Yemen landscaping and visionary scenes? Believe me, in the near future, if God willing, I pay Yemen a long visit.
I pray to Allah Almighty to help Yemenis in their march for prosperity and progress.