Not about religion [Archives:2003/670/Letters to the Editor]

September 22 2003

Gurney C.
[email protected]

Regarding the letter “It's a war against Islam” by “Craig Little [email protected]” published in your newspaper, I would like to say that this is yet more -anti-west /anti-American drivel by someone with a clear agenda. As an American, and a Republican at that, I state clearly, that your religion has not one thing to do with my support of President Bush and his Middle East policy. I, and many friends and colleagues are sick to death of these endless and ridiculous claims of how this is a “crusade” against Islam, and how Arabs are acting irresponsibly by not recognizing this “fact”.. I say )you that make these statements, and then purport to display some odd “document” to back up your claims, must think the world is full of simpletons ready to be led down your chosen road by the mere mention of “Christianity” ..There are over 140,000 American troops in Iraq.. I hope this does not come as too much of a shock to you, but the majority of these AMERICANS are CHRISTIANS.
Did it ever occur to you, that while these men and women will be in Iraq for an unforeseeable piece of time, and that they risk death on a daily basis ) that perhaps THEY would like to solace of their OWN religious clerics? We (most US citizens) don't care what religion you have. We are interested in capturing or killing terrorists.
Be they Christian, or Muslim, we want them. Get over it. It's not about your religion.